Technical Info

A great foundation for padel courts

The Flexipadel foundation can be installed on any solid surface. All padel courts from major providers can be installed on the foundation.

Each Flexipadel foundation contains 20 modules that are bolted togther on site.


The components of each module include

  • Outer frame, 100*200mm thick metal bars (powder coated or galvanized)
  • Inner frame, 100*50mm metal bars (powder coated or galvanized)
  • Joists, 3mm magnesium galvanized metal profiles
  • Marazzi ceramic tiles, 20*600*600mm
  • Femox pedestals, made out of recycled plastic able to withstand 1500kg
  • Joints, 5mm between each tile for drainage

Delivery and Installation

The module package fits neatly on a truck that can be unloaded with a crane loader.

The entire installation takes less than one day.

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