Install your padel court on any terrain

Flexipadel is a foundation for padel courts that can be installed (and also moved) almost anywhere, without the need for expensive groundworks.

All surfaces

Install your court on any hard surface, including sand, accommodating up to 1 meter of height difference in the ground below.


The foundation can be setup in just a few hours, and moved to a new location any time.


Flexipadel is compatible with walls and fittings of all major padel court suppliers.

Focus on the ground

There’s no longer a need to build a permanent foundation for your padel court.

Advantages of choosing Flexipadel

Some of the many reasons more court owners are choosing Flexipadel.

Permit not required

A permanent building permit or approved zoning is not required in most cases, unlike a conventional permanent court construction.

Install anywhere

The foundation can be placed almost anywhere, including rooftops and beaches.

No groundworks

Installation doesn’t change or damage the surface below.


The foundation can be rapidly constructed and deconstructed, so the court can easily be moved to a new location.

Valuable asset

Flexipadel has a strong resale value, in case you stop playing or repurpose your location.

Low risk

The portability lowers the risk and commitment when choosing a commercial padel site.

Leasing friendly

A mobile structure is more attractive for leasing.


Our foundation is made of 100% recyclable materials and has LEED or equivalent certification.


Starting at 30.000 € (VAT 0%).
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